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Article by Dr. Sonica Krishan

Green Coffee For Weight Loss! Does It Help?

Before you understand that how green coffee works for weight loss, it is important to know what green coffee is and how it differs from your regular cup of brown coffee.

What Is Green Coffee?

Green coffee is prepared using green coffee beans, which are nothing, but un-roasted coffee beans. And as compared to the roasted coffee beans, green coffee extracts have a lesser amount of caffeine.

Green Coffee For Weight Loss!

It is the presence of Chlorogenic acid in the green coffee beans which helps in the process of weight loss. Caffeine, for one, aids weight loss by increasing our metabolic rate and fat burning.It also helps in suppressing the appetite a little, thus, helping us to eat less.

Not To Worry

But you need not worry because although green coffee contains caffeine, it has comparatively less content than regular coffee. And therefore it saves you from the unpleasant effect of caffeine such as a migraine headache, insomnia, stomach upset etc.

Safe And Secure Option

  • Hence, green coffee gives the benefit of caffeine and weight loss in a safe and secure way of assisting good health.

  • And as the green coffee beans contain Chlorogenic acid; this is thought to be major active component aiding weight loss.

  • Also while Chlorogenic acid has other positive effects on your health like it lowers blood pressure and has anti-oxidant effects, it is gifted with weight control and weight loss benefits.

  • Although, it is important to note that the roasted coffee beans reduce the acid content, thus making green coffee beans extract (which are un-roasted) all the more essential as a weight-loss supplement, primarily due to the presence of Chlorogenic content.

What Is Chlorogenic Acid Or CGA?

CGA is a phyto-chemical (biologically active compound found in plants) present in coffee and coffee beans. Chlorogenic acid was first discovered by scientists in the 1930’s and it is believed that this is a natural supplement with its chief concentration in green coffee beans and its extracts.

How Does It Work?

Chlorogenic acid or CGA is a type of anti-oxidant which provides scientific evidence to establish the link between green coffee and weight loss.

  1. It is believed that CGA inhibits absorption of glucose in the small intestine.

  2. Not only this, it also prevents the release of glucose into the bloodstream from the liver.

  3. This prevention of release of glucose makes the body rely on fat cells for obtaining energy in place of carbohydrates (contained in glucose).

  4. The whole process eventually leads to loss of body fat as the fat in the body gets used as an expendable energy resource.

Promoter Of Weight Loss

Weight loss is definitely a big issue for one and all nowadays and Green coffee comes to support. It is believed that the Chlorogenic acid promotes weight loss by being a catalyst to fat oxidation. This means, CGA acid is an agent which initializes the process of breaking down of the stored fat into smaller parts, and which can further be used as energy by the body.

How Does This Help?

If the fat (the collected lipid molecules) is not broken into smaller pieces, then these molecules simply stack up and rest in your body leading to fat accumulation in the body. Not only this, Chlorogenic acid is also believed to induce fat loss in the body by amending the blood cholesterol and triglycerides levels.

How It Cuts fat accumulation around the waist?

Triglycerides are a type of fat found in your blood which increases as a result of some ailments like –

  1. High blood pressure

  2. High blood sugar

This leads to fat gain around the waist. And since chlorogenic acid helps lower the blood sugar and also balances the blood glucose levels, it is supposed to be able to reduce the level of triglycerides, thus preventing fat accumulation around the waist.

Additional Healthcare Benefits Of Green Coffee

Several researches on green coffee extracts convey it categorically as a very effective antioxidant substance since it contains the Polyphenol antioxidant. To sum up, the benefits of green coffee assisted weight loss are:

  • Green Coffee reduces the release of sugar in the blood.

  • Also, it increases the body metabolism.

  • Not only this, the green coffee also reduces the body BMI by preventing fat absorption

  • While it is a natural appetite suppressant, it actually makes you feel full for a longer time.

  • It fights inflammation in the body.

  • This coffee also improves blood circulation

  • Also, it seems to manage bad cholesterol levels in the body.

  • When you are taking green coffee, it is regarded to moreover regulate the hormones related to obesity.

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