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Sports Nutritionist

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Sports Nutrition plays a vital role in complementing all other efforts taken by Sportspersons to raise their performance & delivering performance Diet & Nutrition Consulting services to champions and aspiring champions alike. Our sports nutritionist team will deliver sport specific advice to achieve peak performance.


Their work has two aspects:

  • Prevention of illness in those whose physical characteristics tend towards it, like those suffering from obesity, malnutrition or hereditary disorders.

  • Rehabilitation after illness or surgery: which includes helping patients to cope with their new life, and showing them how to maximize the benefits of the treatment. There is an essential difference in the function of the nutritionist and of the dietician. The nutritionist studies the effect of a  food on an individual in terms of metabolism and long terms physical results. Nutritionists work with both normal people as well as referrals from medical practitioners.


Roles Of Sports Nutritionist :  

  • Meal Planning: That is, deciding what foods should be eaten, and in what quantities.

  • Administration: Which involves looking into the day–to–day functioning of an organization's dining facilities.

  • Diet & Nutrition Consulting For Individuals &  Sports Team: A solid sports nutrition plan supports training and improves performance. Your body needs the right balance of carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and fluids to fuel your fitness. Scientific developments and new discoveries about how different food types work within the body mean that athletes can now tailor their diets to help them excel in their particular sport.  Our aim is to help talented athletes achieve their athletic potential. Our comprehensive nutrition packages have been developed with the help of expert sports nutritionist to cover every aspect of nutrition in order to optimize athletes’ performance.

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Sports Nutritionists

Pallavi S. Agarwal




Experience: 10 years



Experience: 6 years



Experience: 8 years

(Madhya Pradesh)


Experience: 8 years



Fitness Trainer



Experience: 12 years



Experience: 5 years



Fitness Trainer


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