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Fat burning supplement

Burn than fat and watch your belly go flat.

These supplements are also known as thermogenic supplement. They mean heat generating supplement and refer to substances that stimulate and increase BMR (basal metabolic rate). Which increase energy usage, fat burning and heat production in the body.

They are also known as fat burners.

These supplements are nowadays flooding the market due to its fat burning properties. But they also come with many negative effects.


Ephedrine- powerful central nervous system stimulant: derived from the ephedra plant- ma huan; leads to certain typical effects such as shaking of hand, palpitation, anxiety, irritability , hostility, headache etc; side effects include; tachycardia (irregular heart beat)’ shortness of breath, dizziness, convulsions, fever, vomiting etc; used in medication to treat bronchial congestion and asthma.

Caffeine- powerful stimulant of the nervous system found in coffee , tea, cocoa beans etc. increases mental alertness and stimulates metabolism; increases fat breakdown; side effects include- diuretic, dehydration effect on the body, addictive and can cause slight diarrhea, peptic ulcers aggravation.

Aspirin- found in white willow (salix alba); acts as an analgesic, ie pain-relieving; stimulates CNS;

  • These fat burners cannot be used by people with heart disease, high blood pressure, thyroid disease, peptic ulcers or an enlarged prostate; or those who take MAO inhibitor drugs for depression or appetite control.

  • Can be taken by individual who are extremely fit with now medical condition and who already have a low body fat percentage

The risk to benefit ratio of these supplements are very high and use of these are not recommend

Rather follow an good exercise and nutrition plan and at the end be happy with the natural results as unnatural ways are not worth it.

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