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Easy activities to lose weight fast

Obesity and unwanted fat is a common problem today. Once you gain a little extra weight, to lose it can be one of the biggest challenges ever. While we are all too busy working, going to the gym to workout can get tiring and time-consuming. So, how can you lose weight at home fast without doing the complicated exercises your gym trainer suggests? Believe it or not, there are many simple ways of losing weight at home. You just have to take out one hour every day for your body, and you will see results in four weeks! Let us explore those exercises.

1) Yoga:

For centuries now, yoga has been the best method of keeping our bodies fit, in every way. At first, some asanas might feel difficult to perform, but as you practice them regularly, your body will become more flexible and adapt to it. To add to its benefits, it not only maintains a healthy body but also a healthy soul. Some asanas that you can practice to lose weight are,

  • Padmasana for a toned abdomen,

  • Bhujangasana for a toned belly and back,

  • Balasana for toning thigh muscles and back

  • Tadasana for toning hips, buttocks, back and pelvis.

Though all of these asanas has a greater impact on a particular body part, they all help in toning the overall body, losing weight and extra fat.

2) Cycling:

These exercises are simple enough and fun to regularly do.

Skip for 30 seconds at first, then take a break and skip again . Skipping one minute initially proves effective. Slowly, you can increase the timing as your convenience.

This makes you sweat a lot and helps in losing weight in your tights and stomach.

Cycling also makes you lose extra fat fast and effectively. Your thigh, arm and back muscles stretch while you paddle, helping them tone.

Cycling for a half-hour for the first few days are sufficient. Increase the timing as per your convenience.

3) Squats and Lunges:

These are to the kind of exercises that are simple and fun to do. They help in a lot of ways. They help in strengthening and toning your whole lower body.

They can be practised as per your stamina and body type. For basics, you can start with 10 squats and 10 lunges per day, but remember to do it right or it can sore your muscles.

If you do it right, your buttocks, thighs, calves, lower back and waist would be toned, giving you a really attractive lower body.

4) The Superman exercise:

Now, this one is a little tricky but can largely benefit you in reducing your tummy. In this exercise, you stretch your body on the ground by lying on your stomach and keeping your hands and legs straight.

Then, you lift your chest and thighs from the ground at the same time while balancing your stomach on the ground.

Try to keep your body as straight and stretched as you can for approximately 30 seconds. This will mainly tone your belly but also work your thighs, abs and lower back.

It can also tighten breasts for girls. You can increase the timing as per your convenience.

5) Swimming:

Swimming is highly beneficial for your health.

It strengthens your muscles, increases the flexibility of your body, helps in losing weight and fat, and tones your body. Swim an hour daily for faster effects.

And practice freestyle swimming mainly for losing fat and toning body.

Swimming provides an all-over body workout and benefits all of your body parts in losing weight as nearly all muscles are used in it.

Additional benefits of swimming include keeping your heart rate up and taking stress off your body, maintaining a healthy heart and lungs, building stamina etc.

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