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Article by Dr. Sonica Krishan

Aloe vera is an extensively used plant for ornamental purposes almost all over the world. Basically a short-stemmed herb, Aloe vera is naturally gifted to endorse some exceptional medicinal benefits and exceptional health sustenance. No doubt, the herb has found a rightful place in a wide variety of consumer products such as cosmetics, gels, ointments, lotions etc. Not only this, a wide range of condiments and beverages are known to contain Aloe vera as a prominent constituent. Also known as Ghritkumari, Aloe vera extract contains some incredibly healthy plant compounds.

Abundant Health Benefits For Natural Skincare

Aloe vera is wonderful gain for the skin. While the herb provides topical application, it also moisturizes the skin right from within, thus making it look soft, smooth, supple and younger. So, however you can bountifully gain beautiful anti-aging virtues with the natural herb, you could also apply the Aloe vera extract or gel gently on your skin to prevent as well as cure a number of skin maladies owing to its virtuous skin healing effect. When it comes to cases of sunburns, scalding of the skin or suntans, it is recommended to use Aloe vera extract locally onto the affected area. Apply it locally three to four times a day and notice the progressive impact it makes to your skin, all but naturally!

Quick Relief from Burns and Boils

Aloe vera may be used as a quick and convenient remedy for burns, scars and rashes, and helps promote the growth of healthy skin. Even for the minor, first degree burns of similar nature; the extract of Aloe vera comes handy as a perfect cure. This is for the reason that by combating the bacteria around the affected area and improving the overall blood circulation, it tends to cure the burns earlier.

Decreases Inflammation

Application of aloe vera extract is calming and comforting for the skin and its local application tends to soothe the burning sensation, cool down the affected area and as well minimize the inflammation.

Wound Restoring Property

While Aloe vera rectifies and heals the wounds, it also reduces the pain to a great extent, and lessens the irritation associated with the wound.

Generous Pain-Relieving Merits

Aloe vera extract contains active ingredients such as glycoproteins, bradyinase and polysaccharides which provide some incredible anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and analgesic properties, and this makes the natural herb of Aloe vera a considerable pain-reliever.

Remedial Support For Scars And Scalds

Aloe vera is antibacterial in nature and thus offers perfect remedy to relieve wounds and rashes. Its application prevents any infections from ascending in the first place. Aloe vera also helps in the regeneration of the skin cells. Thus this natural herb eventually helps in reducing the prominent appearance of any scars, usually at the early stage. Moreover, the exceptional regenerative properties present in the Aloe vera extract aids in eliminating the damaged cells, and thus speeds up the whole formation of new skin.

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