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Educating Wellness Lifestyle

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

I’m full of thoughts of my fitness journey. It’s natural to have a blend of thoughts both ways. I remember crystal clear that initially one thought was determining a fact and the other was a doubt. In our journey of fitness, we are driven to the former only when we choose to be sure of it. If we choose the latter, then the journey terminates here, it’s not acceptable the journey hasn’t even started.

We are resilient to always toss the doubt from the soul and allow the confidence to supersede. If we are steadfast and bestow consistent dedication, then who are we-

“WE ARE THE GAME CHANGERS. This is not philosophy, this is an undisputable and pure outcome of thorough rituals. You cannot compromise and must be true to yourself. I don’t say YOU now I quote “I” .

I have no intent of giving (knowledge) gyan and expect you to prove the theory, I’m a proven paradigm.

It Is Wisdom

Lifestyle transformation is not a mission, it is wisdom. I realized that there were phases of my day, when I was conscience, only when I looked at myself in the mirror. Why should only ‘a fit look’ attract us? We are all in the same boat, so you can relate with this. I changed one thing , instead of seeing my external appearance and parking my thoughts there, I started to see the reflection of my habits, lifestyle, weaknesses and strengths at that locus. Rest of the time, there is a challenge to remember that.

I was sure I’m heading for a revolution transformation. It was time to fulfill my obligatory duty to my in-depth performance of appearance, radiance, calmness of body, mind and soul. All this was only conceivable with my lifestyle conventions. So, let me narrate to you how I avoided the “yo yo” or “reoccurrence” in this situation In order to improvise, I did not declare an extremist attitude of going in for the following:

 Crash diets

 Surrender carbs

 Quit sweets

 Exercise as a zealot

 Goals are once achieved, i.e. zero look or for a single grand appearing occasion, automatically promotes me to stage II.

 Pity and reward my sacrifices , leading to a declaration- now its retracting time. Justify to indulge in forfeited slices of abandoned habits and changeovers as a reward.

Instead, I made promising changes. I determined that I had it in me, I will find my remedy to achieve my goal- “my true love”.

Let me share this tips with you – If you are starting with exercises, your mission is to achieve the big goal, first draw a big line and write your goal in the end of it. e.g. 10 kg or 4 ” on waistline, flat belly, backfat or thin thighs and shaped booty, etc. Second, I suggest draw 10 small lines ones parallel to this big line , name each small line like 1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg, 4kg and write the days in (brackets). Third, achieve the smaller ones and strike off the small ones and erase the big line till the small line is struck off.

This will help you be inspired to move forward as an achiever not as a impossible or over ambitious fitness freak. It brings fulfilment, a newness and a grandeur’s in us, to titivate the possibility and belief that it’s not too impossible for us. But the tangible triumph, is when it is not brusque, it is infinitude. The luxury is educating wellness lifestyle to its potential that regenerate its lifespan. It’s evident, only when you start to reconnoiter YOUR OWN body’s functions. Observe its métiers and catastrophe in each step of your workout action. While eating, traveling, sleeping, working, resting, watching, talking, listening and feeling. Fitness is a lifestyle where you encounter a lethal combo of physiological and soulful aspects, from no other than yourself. An effective fitness training is an eye opener. Educative and apposite practice energizes your body and mind, that successfully earns your love. Since the age of 24 years, I ensured to be true to my lifestyle. I joined classes randomly, however, I then fired up my inspiration, to try innovative formats in my daily regime. I transformed my own traditions. I did only thing, constantly- Read my body, its vices and virtues and encouraged or altered the lifestyle. This is where I designed LIVE ONLINE FITNESS LIFESTYLE COACHING Come and join my online classes , talk to me on my website and reach to me for long term goals. Write to me and we can travel this journey together.

Virtual Online Interactive Workout

Just give 30 minutes 4 times a week and live a fitness lifestyle. Workout with me and virtual online interactive online personal class is available. This venture was pioneer by me so, I can share the workouts for you to keep up, even when you are on the move, need flexible timings and want to be corrected and upgraded for your fitness lifestyle.

1. Fit in your flexible timing

2. Workout live online

3. Teach you multiple exercise

4. Do and interact with you

5. Guide and mentor you

6. Change your lifestyle in simple steps

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