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Diet plan for fat loss

There are multiple ways to create a diet plan. every institute has a slightly different approach to nutrition.

This is more a text book style of diet plan according to TIESS (now TFA) institute

Client data

Age-36 sex-female

Weight-68kg body fat(%)-30%

Calculating nutrition intake-Macro nutrients


Lean body mass-(100-30%)/100x68=47.6

Assuming she does weight training low intensity

Grams of protein=1.5xLBM=1.5x47.6=71.4gm

For fat loss add 20% extra ie=85.68=86gm/day


Protein<100 then carbs=protein

  1. 86 gms of carbs


Omega 9=15-20ml per day

Omega 3=4ml per day


We are going to give 5 meals to the client

Lets consider client workout from 10-11am

Post workout protein is 30gms

14gms distributed equally for rest 4 meals

Carbs distributed in tapered manner(high in morning,low at night

Oil-rice bran oil 15-20ml daily equally distributed

Flax/fish oil tablets-3-4gm daily

Water intake-3-5 ltrs per day equally distributed.

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