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BFY Certification For

Kettle bell, Swiss Ball, Plyometric Workshop


Kettlebells provide a complete cardio, strength and powerful workout. This equipment can be beneficial for clients of all ages and abilities, even advanced lifters. Empower your clients by teaching them how to train with this great tool. In this certification you will learn:

  • Kettlebell class design

  • Hard, soft and fluid style swings

  • Choreography of kettlebell


Swiss ball or the exercise ball is a simple equipment that can do wonders in the field of rehabilitation and fitness. It’s more fun, safe and highly effective way of training. It is far more versatile and valuable than for simply rehab use. These exercises teach you more in fields of Balancing exercises, Core training and Stretches. This workshop will help you to handle various rehabilitative and fitness exercises for the athletes, geriatrics, pediatrics as well as the general population.


Plyometric training is the mode to train athletes or general population to produce fast, powerful movements and improve the functions of the nervous system. The training is designed to increase muscular power, burn calories, decrease injuries and enhance the performance.
These exercise drills raise the force and speed of your muscle contractions, leading to higher explosive power that acts as an extra physical edge in your sports choice.

These drills are also useful for Kids and clients who intend for weight loss programs.


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