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DSW Course on


Pregnancy Strength & Training

Prenatal & Postpartum Exercise Design


Pregnancy and Strength Training :

Customize a safe strength-training program for your clients who are pregnant!

Learn why core training and pelvic floor stability are essential components of a targeted strength-training

program during pregnancy. Know the benefits of strength training for the mother and fetus, the

precautions associated with core strengthening, the unique postural and muscle imbalances that occur during pregnancy, and safe and appropriate exercise selection for this prenatal population. Your clients will enjoy and benefit from customized strength training during all trimesters of pregnancy as well as postpartum.

Course Objectives:

 Understand the physiological, biomechanical, and postural changes that occur during pregnancy and the risks associated with exercise performance.

 Design and implement core and pelvic floor stability training techniques using safety and alignment cues for safe and effective exercise execution.

 Determine and apply appropriate exercise progressions based on fitness goals, safety, and effectiveness.

Respect professional scope of practice when working with pregnant clients.

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