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Kids In Motion


SCW Fitness Education

SCW Fitness Education was founded by Sara Kooperman, JD in 1987. Since that time we have hosted over 80 MANIA Group Fitness, Personal Training and Club Management Conventions and have touched more than 120,000 fitness professionals.

Our educational division, SCW Fitness Certifications, has developed high-quality certifications on topics ranging from Pilates to Pregnancy and from Aquatics to Aging. We have also produced almost 400 DVDs and are the largest producer of fitness instructor training DVDs in the world. Additionally, we have produced numerous instructional and workout DVDs to companion QVC and in-home fitness products.

SCW Fitness Education remains committed to providing the finest instructors’ education programs, fitness certifications and continuing education DVDs/videos in the world!

Kids In Motion

This course fuses science with practical training to lead your own kids fitness program. This specialty certificate examines basic pediatric exercise science, and the many differences between children and adults when it comes to exercise.This comprehensive course will look at developmentally appropriate movement for kids within the range of 2 to 12 years of age, demonstrate the implementation of this within a kids’ fitness class, and provide endless programming ideas. Kids in Motion will assure you the teaching skills needed to successfully plan, and lead kids fitness programs.


Home Study Course Include

  •   SCW Kids in Motion Course Manual

  •   Home Study Outline and Instructions

  •   Fitness Education for Children

Course Content :

Chapter 1 : Physical Activity in Children

Chapter 2 : Physical Development Infancy

Chapter 3 : Physical Development Early Childhood

Chapter 4 : Physical Development Middle Childhood

Chapter 5 : Aerobic Training Guidelines for Children

Chapter 6 : Strength Training Guidelines for Children

Chapter 7 : Nutrition for Children

Chapter 8 : Injury Prevention and Care

Chapter 9 : Legal Issues and Parental Consent

Chapter 10 : Kids in Motion Marketing

Chapter 11 : Class Planning and Activity Programming


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