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Pregnancy is a special period in the lives of many women and provides a unique window of opportunity to focus on their own wellness. Remaining active & fit during pregnancy has several benefits for both mother and baby. More and more pregnant women recognize this and are choosing to exercise under the right guidance. Through this 2 day interactive workshop, learn how to create safe and effective exercise programs for the three trimesters of pregnancy as well as for the post natal period.

The following will be covered through presentation, videos, practical, case discussions and quizzes. Detailed workshop content notes will be given to each participant.

1)The changing physiology & biomechanics of pregnancy { how pregnancy affects the body}

2)Physiology & progression of exercise { how exercise affects the body

3)Exercise in pregnancy, its cumulative effects, benefits and possible dangers to mother and baby.

4)Screening the pregnant client and safety concerns

5)Signs and symptoms to watch out for before, during and after exercise in pregnancy

6)Training the abdominals and pelvic floor

7)Technique and modification of exercise to suit the pregnancy ( cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular conditioning, flexibility)

8)Programming for the pregnant woman ( may include aqua/pool training if venue is suitable)

9) Alleviating common discomfort of pregnancy through exercise.

10)Postpartum changes

11)Exercise modification and progression in the postpartum period

12) Adapting to group class, personal training, small group training.

13) How to establish a referral network with other health providers.

14)Nutrition tips

15) Added discussion – exercise during menstruation, menopause and exercise.

​16)Assessment and quizzes


The workshop does not include techniques used to expedite labor or alleviate labor discomfort.

Assessment (Theory & practical) included

Certification will be given to each participant.

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