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Healthy Snack Bars!

Healthy snacking is an important part of diet which involves a balanced and nutritious snacking options without excess calories or sugar. During weight management, there are a various types of mid time snacks. They include different types of nuts such as walnuts, almonds, raisins, berries, seeds such as pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds etc. Eating these nuts solely can sometimes be boring. Here these healthy snack bars come in handy. These are an easy and tasty way to have a nutritious and well-balanced diet.

I have recently started including these Sirimiri healthy snack bars in my regular diet plan. They have all natural and nutritious ingredients. No artificial sweeteners or sugars. Their ingredient list impressed me a lot and hence thought of trying them. This is the perfect example of healthy food can be tasty too.

They have a list of natural ingredients like rolled oats, honey, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, butter, peanuts, jowar millet crisps, watermelon seeds, some real dried fruits and berries. The ingredients change according to the variants.

The other 8 flavors are –

  1. Pumpkin seeds and Cranberries.

  2. Ginger, mangoes and sesame seeds.

  3. Chocolate and peanuts .

  4. Goji berries and Blackcurrants.

  5. Fig n flax and pumpkin seeds

  6. Almonds and raisins.

  7. Dates and walnuts

  8. Cocoa, coconut and raisins.

I have tried all the variants and my favorite is the Dates and walnuts.

These snacks have an amazing texture. The sweetness is minimal with natural sweetener like honey and dried berries. The number of nuts and seeds is maximum to give a very healthy snack. Rolled oats and jowar millets are the base of this bar and the different seeds give an amazing crunch and taste. The fragrance is either of natural cinnamon, elaichi or clove for various flavors. I loved how balanced these bars are regarding their carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Also, each bar gives around 170 – 180 Kcal of energy. I have also tried other healthy snack bars, but these are my favorite as there are even so many flavors to choose from.

They can be carried and eaten just anywhere. A quick snack to reduce those hunger pangs.


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