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M K Pilates Course



Over view : Group Matwork

This is the foundation of our training. Whether you are a group exercise instructor, this is our entry level training. However kindly note prior knowledge of human anatomy, physiology etc. is necessary

With the modular format you have tutor time and take personal responsibility to practice between modules. There is a recommended period of at least 4 weeks teaching practice before your final assessment. Recommended 60 hours practice time.

Course Includes :

Manual with pre-attendance checklist tasks. Lecture Hour includes Movement essence and exercise goals. Muscular initiation and sequencing. Breakdown of beginner and ‘mixed level’ movements, teaching skills, looking for proper execution of the exercises, class design, exercise variations and modifications. Review of moves and Pilates specific cueing issues. Warm ups and movement transitions. Effective communication, verbal cueing and effective imagery. Portfolio requirement documenting understanding of Health and Safety / Emergency issues and understanding of the group education dynamic Review of paperwork / portfolio requirements. Mock Assessment of 2-3 moves for practical preparation (mobility and strength). Practice teaching with feedback. Theory paper of 35 questions.

Course Content :

Chapter 1 : Course Overview

Chapter 2 : Technique Principle

Chapter 3 : Warm Ups

Chapter 4 : Movement Analysis

Chapter 5 : Anatomy and Physiology

Chapter 6 : Cartilage

Chapter 7 : Bone

Chapter 8 : Types of Muscle Work

Chapter 9 : Cardiovascular System

Chapter 10 : Muscle Action

Chapter 11 : PNF Development

Chapter 12 : Stages of Chance

Chapter 13 : Learning Styles

Chapter 14 : PPL

Chapter 15 : Exercise Ethics

Certificate valid for 2 years (unless enrolled on Diploma Course) with a requirement for ongoing education to renew and maintain with 14 hours CPD each 2 years.

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