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BFY Workshop For Mastering the

Personal Trainer Business

Once you become a certified personal trainer, you start to ask yourself “what now”?  Whether you are just starting out as a Personal Trainer or are already involved in the industry and want to grow your business, this workshop is a must! 

At present, Personal Trainers have so much competition so it has become extremely important to be the best in your field. 

Here is your golden opportunity to meet India’s one of the top Gym management experts Mr. Sagar v. Gawankar who has helped may fitness centers and business entrepreneurs to reach their maximum potential. Sagar says “There is no single “right” way to make it in the fitness industry and the possibilities are infinite.” 

This 2 hours’ workshop will focus on: 

  • Choosing right role in personal training

  • Simple steps for becoming the successful personal trainer

  • Marketing & Advertising



Sagar Gawankar is a passionate entrepreneur with 20 years of fitness industry experience including 8 years as a Lecturer at BFY and 12 years as a club management consultant for various Fitness centers in India.

A certified A.C.S.M personal trainer Sagar is an expert in building ‘High Performance Teams’ and creating “Winning Culture”. 

Sagar’s systems and unique recruitment and staff development technique shows gym owners how to run gyms with maximum profits. He is constantly learning and traveling studying the best fitness businesses and advanced training techniques. He is among India’s Top natural raw Bench-presser.


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