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Martial Fitness Kickboxing 

Product Description:

The movements and techniques from boxing, martial arts, kickboxing, and self-defense training. Designed to prepare novice or intermediate instructors, this course offers modifications, balanced workouts, information on safety and equipment, training guidelines, and new drills.

Course Objective:

Clarify the difference between competitive (sport) kickboxing and kickboxing fitness

Explain the benefits associated with participation in a kickboxing fitness program

Demonstrate and instruct the safe and proper execution of starting positions, upper and lower body strikes, bob and weave

Identify the primary joint movements involved in each action phase of the techniques

Discuss safety concerns associated with each movement and technique

Provide information about technique modifications that can be used for certain situations and environments where injury potential may be high

Understand the concept of beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of participation

Course Contents:

Part 1 : Introduction
Chapter 1 : Overview of Kickboxing
Part 2 : Resurrection of Kickboxing Fitness Programming

Part 3 : Physical Instruction 
Chapter 2 : Movement/Technique Performance
Chapter 3 : Balance
Chapter 4 : Stance Technique/Movement Modification
Chapter 5 : The Starting Position
Chapter 6 : Upper Body Strikes
Chapter 7 : Lower Body Strikes
Chapter 8 : Bob and Weave
Chapter 9 : Blocking
Part 4 : Class Design
Chapter 10 : Balanced Workouts  

Chapter 11 : Monitoring Intensity
Chapter 12 : Safety
Chapter 13 : Instructional Techniques

Part 5 : Equipment Training
Part 6 : Program Development

Part 7 : Instructor Training

Chapter 14 : Quality of Training Resources
Chapter 15 : Availability of Training


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