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A new innovative approach based on teachings of John Kabat Zinn,PHD Mind body connection and healing-using asanas to target each chakra,how to heal emotions supressed in every part of the body eg, fear and trust issues is stored in low back leading to disc prolapse, anger and resentment, lack of confidence and will power is stored in solar plexus leading to digestive problems As  lack of connection between mind and body leads to various diseases manifesting in different parts of the body.

This ia way of making exercise accesible to everyone including the diseased ,older population and stressed professionals.This also involves lot of guided imagery and  new evolving concept of cosmic consciousness for new age as advpocated by Dr Deepak chopra and Eckhart tolle.This concept is picking up in United states as the way to heal people in hospitals.It is a mixture of the eastern philosophy and western science.

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