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Creatine (Cr) supplementation has become a common practice among professional, elite, collegiate, amateur, and recreational athletes with the expectation of enhancing exercise performance.

Exercise performance involving short periods of extremely   powerful activity can be enhanced by consumption of Creatine, especially during repeated bouts of activity. This is in keeping with the theoretical importance of an elevated PCr content in skeletal muscle.Cr supplementation is associated with an enhanced accrual of strength in strength-training programs, a response not independent from the initial weight gain, but may be related to a greater volume and intensity of training that can be achieved.

This workshop will help your understanding of functions and increased exercise performance during different exercise conditions using Creatine.

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) transaminase activation occurs simultaneously with exercise-induced muscle glycogen reduction. 

BCAA supplementation enhances exercise capacity and lipid oxidation in glycogen-depleting exercises.

BCAA supplementation increases resistance to fatigue and higher glucose levels after exercise.

This workshop will help your understanding of BCAA, its uses and improvements in resistance to fatigue.

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