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Corrective exercises for various links in kinetic chains of the body from the view of posture, injury prevention and performance enhancement. Special emphasis on Scapulohumeral rhythm and pelvic function and corrective exercise regarding the same. 

Increasingly, scientic evidence suggests that function of pelvis is essential for almost every task. The restoration of function and performance depends upon being able to identify and treat underlying source of problem. It is common to find pelvis as criminal in some cases and victim in others. 

  The Scapulohumeral rhythm is the movement of the scapula across the thoracic cage in relation to the humerus. This movement can be compromised by anything that changes the position of the scapula. This could be an imbalance in the muscles that hold the scapula in place . This imbalance can affect the posture of a person and also can affect the range of movements of the shoulder.

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