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5 New Workshops!




1. Post natal fitness


Regular physical activity after the baby is born can have a number of benefits including appropriate  weight loss and getting back in shape, increased energy levels & improved mood, ability to tackle the baby blues, faster recovery and strength and stamina to care for the baby!

Learn the safe and effective way to incorporate a fitness regime into a new mothers schedule through this workshop.



2. Functional 5


Functional training is aimed at training movement patterns and quality of movement rather than muscular size and the quantity of movement.

The presenters has handpicked and customized 5 different moves with a functional focus to enable efficient functioning of the body’s kinetic chains.

3. The Integrated workout


Most people do not experience enough variety in their exercise programs and they miss out on the many benefits to be had from different types and styles of training. 

Integrated training refers to a training program that incorporates, or integrates multiple types of exercise together into a single program. It takes the best of all types of training and puts it together into one useable format.  An example of an integrated training program is one that includes flexibility, core work, balance training, resistance training, and cardiorespiratory exercises together into a single workout session or routine.

Special feature – this workshop will integrate land and aqua exercise!

4 PNF Stretching 


PNF is an advanced form of flexibility training that involves both stretching and contraction of the muscle group being targeted.The PNF positions encourage flexibility and coordination in the limbs. It helps in quick gains in range of motion and may be used by persons with compromised flexibility as well as athletes to improve performance. Learn the various techniques and practice them in this workshop.

5. Exercise Design


Exercise design is about manipulating exercise parameters like Reps, Sets, Intensity, Recovery time etc., Mis-manipulation leads to disaster on result and adaptation towards training and or it may not yield optimal changes.Right dosage of above mentioned parameters shall demand basic knowledge on fibre types, energy systems etc.

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