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BFY Workshop On

Advanced Stretching Techniques

Stretching generally is incorporated at the beginning and end of practice, many times young athletes or clients don't realize its importance. They may rush through stretches in order to start playing sooner or start exercising, instead realizing its importance. Perhaps part of the problem is that we are not educated quite enough on the reasons we should be stretching – and perhaps a full list of all the reasons we should be doing it could help encourage to be more vigilant in our performance.

So this workshop gives you a basic detailed knowledge with a scientific approach towards What, When, Why and How to perform a stretch; with proper advantages, indications and contraindication.

Stretching properly can reduce injuries and give better flexibility, range of motion, posture and coordination.

Theory and Practical’s Pointers:

1. Definition and types of stretches

2. General Stretches

3. Specific stretches for sports activity

4. Injury Prevention stretches

5. Geriatric Stretches

6. Partner stretches


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