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Active Aging Online Certification

Many individuals are living longer and better than ever.

Cutting-edge research reveals the secrets involving aging and how we can proactively become involved with our chronologically enriched friends. We know that we can train and retard the aging process by focusing on mental health, cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, flexibility and fall prevention and balance. Lawrence will discuss why we don’t just “teach seniors” any longer. Group fitness instructors, personal trainers and those in charge of active aging programming will enjoy this exciting day that combines research and practical approaches for training the brains and bodies of our 50+ participants.

Cost: Rs. 12,950/-

Educational Materials Include:

  • SCW Active Aging Course Manual

  • Online Certification Outline and Instructions

  • Online Exam

  • Six Active Aging Streaming Videos

  • CECs: SCW (8.0), AFAA (7.0), NASM (0.7), AEA (4.0), ACSM (8.0)

  • FREE Live course accompanying the Online Certification*

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