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BFY Workshop For

100 Exercise

100 exercises using 11 different exercise equipment:

Prevent boredom among your clients. Think outside the world of dumbbells, barbells and gym machines. Learn to use 11 different  equipment for strength, endurance, speed, mobility, stability and functional fitness. 

This workshop will open your mind to the use of different tools for fitness and how to incorporate them in your routines.


The ropes work the muscles in different angles which is not possible with traditional weights. Mainly used for core stability with upper body strengthening but it can be combined with lower body exercises to give a complete workout.

Claps, slams, flyes, throws are few things you could do apart from the waves done for functional training. 


TRX- Suspension Training:

It is body weight suspension training made popular by the TRX brand of training equipment. The workout involves suspending different body parts or the entire body and exercising. Great combo of core stability with calisthenics as all the exercises engage the core before you can move the limbs. 



Again a form of body weight exercise engaging the core but with the hands or feet placed on equipment which increases the difficulty level by adding the element of friction for resistance. 



It is weights in the shape of a kettle bell. The unstable weights helps in engaging the all the muscles right from three stabilizers and prime movers to the big muscles of the limbs along with the core. Great for developing overall limb strength and power.



Great tool for resistance training with the advantage of being handy and easy to carry. The biggest advantage of training with resistance band is that the resistance is maintained throughout the movement- in the concentric as well as eccentric phase. This recruits all the muscle fibres this hem helping in weak point training and rehab.



These are weighted balls used to improve functional strength to force ratios. In other words it means power. The act of moving, throwing, catching a weighted ball with speed and accuracy demands good neuromuscular efficiency. This makes it into a complete body and brain coordination workout. 



They are basically weighted bags with handles or grips to hold onto. Power bags help to develop power similar to a medicine ball with all the neuromuscular efficiency benefits minus the catching and throwing. Excellent for developing functional strength for sport and performance.



Swiss ball, stability ball, physio ball are used for improving balance and coordination alongwith improved strength and stability. The core is engaged in all the exercises. The unstable surface makes the brain and muscles work harder to recruit more muscle fibres this making it a more intense workout with core stability



Bosu stands for Both Sides Utilised. It is flat on 1 side with an unstable semi sphere on the other. The principle is the same as that of a swiss ball out stability ball with the advantage of being relatively handy. It is easier to work the lower body for overall balance and coordination with a bosu ball. 



A prop made popular by aerobics instructors. The stepper can be a handy piece of equipment for a great lower body workout. The alternative limb movement with variable resistance gives a great lower body strength, endurance and coordination workout with equally beneficial cardiovascular system work. 



Similar to step aerobics, a chair can prove to be a versatile equipment for a full body workout. Upper, Lower body and compound movements can be done for strength and endurance. Coordination, balance can be worked while using the height and dimensions of the chair as an incentive.



Fascia is a sheath of tissue covering muscles and all the major organs of the body. It is linked like a network of interconnected tissue layers and slings. This mesh of tissue stores potential energy, physical and psychosomatic trauma and painful reactions.

Myofascial Release or MFR helps to improve muscle, joint and tissue mobility and reduce pain by relaxing contracted muscles and shrunk tissue, improving blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulating the stretch reflex in muscles. Regular stretching addresses only the muscles. Whereas MFR aids in release of the muscle alongwith the fascia thus resulting in better mobility and flexibility. 

The course incorporates passive, self and instrument assisted myofascial release techniques. Beneficial for trainers, coaches, physiotherapists, massuer, yoga instructors and body workers.


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