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Article By : Jyoti Kamaal

When I have to do my plank I believe it is not easy to do it and hold or a lot the seconds.

I have heard many people say and boast, they can be do planks for 5 to 10 minutes. As a beginner it’s challenging to hold for even 20-30, even as an expert, 5 minutes @ 60 seconds into 5 times, it is not at all easy to hold. I learnt new ways to hold and do impactful planks for longer period. Start with baby steps for 20-30 seconds initially and gradually you can do up-to 60 seconds. If you feel you want to do your plank more affectively and not just jump off the floor in 30 or 60 seconds, here I can show you some interesting videos, there is a simple variation whereby, we can move the hold to the palms and keep the remaining weight on the toes.

Why are you to trying very hard to do your planks? I’ll show you by shifting the weight and holding in a twist angle, your planks will be a cheesecake

Let’s start, Stand feet, 1 foot apart, hands up in the air, bend forward, knee straight, and walk forward with your palm, once you hold the plank, shift your body weight to left hand and raise your right side. You can take your hand up to the sky, like a straight line matching to 180 degree to the floor. Your neck is moves slightly, twisting your body to the sky. This is where your weight is on two toes and one hand on the other hand is trying to stretch your body, starting from your head up till your way up. Lovely, I can see I and you are getting a fantastic stretch. Hold for 3-5 seconds and then bring your hand back to the floor.

Do the same thing on the left side and repeat it and if you can you hold starting with a count of 3 seconds gradually increase the count to 5 seconds, do it for 3 days and then increase the same count of 5 and then 10 seconds. Add counts if multiples too, let’s Do It.

In releasing your plank, walk backward on your hands and stand your body straight to beginning position. This way, you don’t get the pressure on your hands for a longer period. What happens also is that, you can actually do your plank longer you can do your plank and you have a better impact.

Straight plank is a secret that makes your body core, shoulders and balancing strong. However, to reach that level you do not have to feel the success or the failure of the time you can hold it. With the variation, you can walk up back to standing straight and with a count hold of 3-5 seconds, bend back walking on your palm and repeat this side twist. So, without losing the continuity, you can do the plank for longer.

In the plank, as you see this new step. Im sure your palms could feel they are taking the weight in in hand all the while. Now in this variation we can shift the weight from your hands /palms/ wrist to your legs. As, you can see in the second video, the body bends down after you are set in the straight hand plank, now you bring your one leg forward fold it towards your body. It’s closer to the chest, but not inside the body frame, it’s on the side of the body. It’s parallel to your ribs. Being slightly outside of the body it gives a free movement, so it is standing on the side of your waist and your chest.

With a little bit of an extension, you can raise the same hand up to the sky and move your head to face upward. Remember here, we’ve shifted the body weight from the hands off to the knee and leg. So, your body can take it longer, why not be smarter and extends from 5 seconds maybe 10 seconds.

Now you can see the body has got the balancing, you have your weight shifting from the hands of switching with hand and leg. The body has now taken the weight division and can stand longer on this position.

Now I’m going to start a new plank position generally called the mountain climber. But I have a small variance to achieve your goal of more flat abs for you

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In this position, we are on our plank again, but we will start moving our legs alternatively in diagonal direction. The palms, hands and upper body is static on the floor. The body is just shifting the weight from one leg to another, our upper body is now going to be firm. The knee will move to stretch to come towards the opposite shoulder. There is no need to hold, we move in a frequency of alternative knees, folding to reach nearest point to the opposite shoulder. Put the right knee back and lift the left knee in the same way. We will do then a count that will generate the cardio workout and also stretch the middle and side oblique.

I believe this 5 minute multiplied in three sets is good and you will thank me for the core, shoulder, cardio and booty magic changes.

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