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Optimize Your Health Spirit That Is Alive In You

As I Open my eyes and think of the day with positive and bright outlook, there is one thing I’m very happy to be incompetent of – to let my day go by without – A good fitness hour. You can choose to make it easy or hard, challenging or simple, just give it your best. Whatever you do, fitness will pump up your spirits. For me, fitness is not only my energy tycoon, but it strikes down all the negativity, bashes the boredom, enthuses the life in me.

When I exercise, I see it opening endless options, of what you can do, when fitness is your passion, I believe in our minds, we are sure we want to be fit and maintain our lifestyle.

None of us are helpless. Life is around thoughts first and action later. No isolation can restrict thoughts so action is equally possible. Take support to become strong.

How does that sound now!!

So, say it’s a bright day, life has many options within limitations toss them all off.

I’m a big fan of stepping my foot in a new place and decide my workout module that is permissible and certainly organic.

No need to fear if it’s a terrace, in the lockdown, you are safe as it’s in the house. If you are careful, you are not exposed to strange entrants. It’s sanitized and it’s not a threat from the fear of any virus.

Advice 1 – Be careful when you see a video with outdoor workouts, don’t blindly experiment until you are sure. One good thing should not be a vice for the other.

Never enough is enough, I’m never bored and I have an enthusiastic feeling every time I start my fitness.

Advice 2 – Remember a thumb rule in exercise- Learn your body, mind and soul.

Additions, variations and new elements in exercise, can lead you to dynamism and optimization to a stable and motivated fitness practice.

When I find a new fitness accessory, like an elastic band, or exercise ball, I try this to test my body and create my own strengthening, conditioning and energizing fitness steps.

I’m a big one on multiple impact steps. I feel if with one step I can affect my arms, back fat and lower back, then why not try this one. The way I love to do workout is creatively use my accessories and instinct. I love to make the impact in multiple areas. Most importantly I don’t lose my focus on my breathing.

Advice 3 – So go with a flow of a body educational pattern. Learn the breathing as you start and close one step. To take the help not to lose your strength but to be stronger.

So come and do some fitness along with me. FITNESS is not to run away it’s to embrace.

In this virtual exercise if you can function with a personal trainer and choose your flexible time and day that is your blessing in era. Join and have a majestic healthy life.

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