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How is milk good for you?

There no better way to get nutrients to a baby that with mother’s milk.

It has the growth hormones that the baby needs and the needed macros. But what when we grow up.

Is animal milk the right thing to take?

Dairy has been an essential part of civilization earlier than 10000 BC. Whole milk, fermented products are a part of our diet but is it the best thing to take and do we actually need it?

We are told the good side of consuming milk. In this article we are going to see the negative effects of consuming milk. I am going to focus on the health aspect of it and not go into ethical and environmental aspects (one should also consider it).

Lactose- it the sugar present in milk. It is broken down by the lactose enzyme present in the body. But 65% of the world population have a reduced ability to digest lactose resulting in disruption of GI tract resulting in bloating and gas.

Acne- it is a part of being a teenager many suffer, but dairy can be a cause for it. dairy nowadays have lot of growth hormones and steroids pumped into the animals to increase production.

Many people have benefited from giving up dairy for this issue

Cow’s milk is not designed for human consumption; it is for the calf. It has 3 time more protein which creates metabolic disturbances which can lead to bone health problems.

Milk has also been linked to the development of arthritis (inflamed joints)

Over-consumption of milk has shown to cause kidney stones due to high amount of calcium in it

The calcium from milk isn’t the most efficient way to get you daily calcium as it is found out that the acidic animal protein present in the milk leeches out calcium from bones,

bovine growth hormone, antibiotics which could create imbalances in body

Being of animal origin it has cholesterol and unnecessary fats.

Milk has been shown to have been linked to increase risk of prostate cancer, testicular cancer and possibly for ovarian and breast cancer.

Again it is important to consider that dosage and genetics does matter.

We should understand that cow’s/buffalo’s etc. milk is meant for their young ones and are designed for them. Human and animal genetics are way different and same food doesn’t help.

There are plenty of plant milk available and are great replacement for animal milk, healthier too.

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