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"The Ultimate Guide to Fitness Supplementation:  Pre, Intra,  and Post workout"


You are a disciplined hard worker who accepts nothing less than the best from your workouts and nutrition strategies. Sets and reps are counted and documented as well as grams of protein and carbs.
Unfortunately, you sometimes find that your gains and fat burning have slowed or stopped or perhaps even regressed! You need that extra boost. You need a good supplement strategy to get you on the road to gains and burning fat once again. But do you know various kinds of supplements and their role in the body? Are you strategizing it correctly to achieve maximum benefits? Do you know how much and when to take them? Are you pairing up the right supplements? 
This workshop will lay the foundation for a solid supplement program; one that is detailed and tactfully assembled for maximum benefit. 
No matter what your training goals are, the rights supplements can help improve your health, performance, and physique.

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